Uniform Policy

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Catto Family School is a uniform school. Students must wear their uniform daily, unless notified otherwise. Failure to adhere to the school uniform policy will result in a telephone call home and possibly conference with the Principal. Parents will be asked to bring their child proper uniform clothing. 

Uniform top (shirt, blouse): Navy blue and/or white with a collar. Tee-shirts are not permitted. 

Uniform Bottom (pant, skirt, jumper, dress): Khaki (Tan) OR navy blue.

The following WILL NOT be permitted throughout the school building: sagging pants, visible undergarments, see-through clothing, halter tops, crop tops, tank tops, ripped/torn pants, hats, hoodies, sweatshirts, extremely short skirts or shorts, bare fee, holes in clothing, tight or ill-fitting clothing, flip-flops, or clothing that displays drugs, gang-affiliation/symbols, alcohol, tobacco, and/or inappropriate language.

Gym Attire(MANDATORY for Grades 6-8 ONLY): Navy Blue Sweat Pants and Navy blue top OR "Catto" tee-shirt bought from the school. Please remind to students to bring or wear sneakers on their scheduled gym days. 

Stores that sell our uniform:
Uniform City located on Broadway and Pine
Forman Mills
JC Penney's


If you need a uniform voucher, please ask to speak to Briana Smith-Gibbs in the main office. Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed for approval. You will need to bring TWO (2) of the following documentation establishing your household income:

1. Valid photo ID
2. Current pay stub for two (2) consecutive pay periods
3. Letter of benefits, AFDC, 551, etc.